Relation Dancing: Consciously Creating What You Really Want In Creating

Consciously Creating What You Really Want In Creating

RelationDancing: Consciously Creating What You Really Want in Your Relating provides the means to resolve conflict, deepen our connection, and experience the partnership we truly desire in our relating. It creates a context of honor, integrity, and mutual respect in which we can experience greater pleasure, aliveness, and FUN! The more passion, satisfaction, and fulfillment you want in your relating, the more valuable this book will be for you.

One thing is certain: Once you have finished RelationDancing, you will never be able to look at relationSHIPs the same way again.

RelationDancing explains the fundamental challenges you face in relationSHIP and how to overcome them. It then provides new insights and methods that will allow you to create conscious, custom-built RelationDances filled with love, intimacy, and partnership. It frees you to express your deepest Self in communion with your partner, Soul2Soul.

RelationDancing is a practical, sensible, and controversial book that teaches us how to consciously create (or adapt our current relationSHIPs into) Relation”Dances” designed to explore and celebrate the increasingly complex Self of 21st century man and woman. It describes a revolution in relating that moves us from our culturally inherited, unconscious, one-size-fits-all concept of a relationSHIP designed for survival and stability, to custom designed RelationDances designed for love, joy, intimacy, and creative self-expression.

RelationDancing is a celebration of the Self and spirit of human beings and the joy of expressing that Self in partnership and community with others. It describes a set of attitudes and structures that encourage us to relax into our deepest truths and share them authentically with our partner. Most books on relating teach you how to adapt and edit your Self to “fit” the people you are in relationship with and the conventional, off-the-shelf conception of what a relationSHIP “should” be. RelationDancing is not about that.

RelationDancing is revolutionary. Instead of teaching us how to reduce, contract, and diminish our Self in order to fit it into the conventional mold of relationSHIP, it teaches us how alter the form of the RelationDance to fit the Selves of the players. Rather than sacrificing our Self for the happiness of our partner or the good of the relationship, we stay true to our Self and build our relating on a solid foundation of honesty and truth.

RelationDancing recognizes that illusions lead to disillusionment, and authenticity creates the possibility of being loved for who we are. When two independent people partner towards a common vision, the magic and synergy of interdependence flows naturally.

RelationDancing not only serves as a guide to transforming our current relating into structures that create more trust, passion, and intimacy, it also serves as a manifesto and source book for anyone looking to ethically explore unconventional forms of relating or sexuality. It is destined to become a classic in the field of both conscious and alternative relating.


RelationDancing describes a method of relating that makes intimacy and connection between people possible at deeper levels than perhpas ever before. By designing a conscious and sacred Game For Intimacy, we can create a safe space in which to passionately share our deepest truths with our partner. We can know our partner and be known by them, opening the door wide open for two souls meeting in the space of love. This experience of Soul2Soul opens new possibilities for friendships, partnerships, and community.

RelationDancing opens up a new way of thinking about relating that can transform and enrich all the existing conversations, ideas, and techniques on the market. It offers new possibilities in all areas of your life, including families, friendships, business partnerships, community groups, spiritual connection, intimate relating, and sexual partnering of all types. Allow the power of RelationDancing to revitalize your life and your relating today!

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