What would it mean for you to Thrive, starting from where you are?

February 10, 2012 at 1:26pm

As you read this…

Breathe deeply, look around. Remember both that you are safe and that you competent to stay alive.

This moment, right now,  – you can just breathe and relax into the experience. Breathing. Reading. Breathing. Reading.

At the center of your experience, you may notice desires – for something or other – things or experiences that you want. Desires to Thrive in some way. To have your life be better, more peaceful, more enjoyable. Breathe into those desires. Get in touch with the impulse/essence of Thriving within them.

Thriving is all the good things integrated together into a narrative that inspires you to create beauty – love, connection, partnership, art, insight, realization.

Allow that feeling of Thriving to spread throughout your body.

Ask yourself – What does it mean to really truly Thrive? What would it mean for ME to really Thrive – starting from where I am?

In the words of Mission Very Possible: Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it – create a Thriving Narrative through which to understand your current reality. Start from where you are, because – here you are. What would it mean for you to Thrive, starting from where you are?”

What would be the next thing you would do – if you were Thriving?

Do that.

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